FireSysCAD Reviews

JM CAD Fire Alarm Design

FireSysCAD...the most advanced, time saving fire alarm design software on the market

After using FireSysCAD for a few years and having tried numerous automation software vendors to expedite the fire alarm design and drafting process I can fully attest to the power and time saving benefits of FireSysCAD. We were using conventional methods of a large template database within Auto CAD MEP, custom LSP routines for certain areas of the drawing and even so it was still not able to perform calculations for low voltage systems. I personally have been installing and designing fire alarm systems for over 12 years and as any company in the design business, the company will always seek methods to increase productivity and workflow without sacrificing quality or performance.

FireSysCAD is extremely powerful and there is a slight learning curve however if you are proficient in AutoCAD you will have no trouble learning how the software works and I like to say it’s like learning how to utilize any 3rd party add in used in AutoCAD that made your AutoCAD user experience that much more productive. FireSysCAD is extremely customizable. Adding new blocks, parts, panels, and notes take very little time.

In AutoCAD there is a feature called the “Time” command that keeps track of the drawing editing time, creation and other helpful information. We decided to put FireSysCAD to test as an experienced user I did two systems, 1 small and 1 large. The first system consisting of 33 devices utilizing conventional methods with templates, manual calcs, sheet sets took a total of 14.53 total hours! The same system designed with FireSysCAD took 1.38 hours! The same analysis took place on a large project consisting of 328 total devices. Using conventional methods, the total system design time was 92.28 hours! With FireSysCAD the entire project was done in 12.73 hours! This will save an enormous amount of time and money and increase the profit in your firm 10-fold simply because you are able to perform more drawings in less time and should be dully noted that the software reduces the amount of errors such as running counts, device numbering. FireSysCAD has very simple and effective commands for error checking and placing devices faster than using any OSNAP settings you can imagine.

Within this review I also need to comment about the owner of FireSysCAD Alan Henderson. Alan is an elite programmer and has the most in-depth knowledge of AutoCAD and its functions. He strives to nothing short of excellence and perfection. Alan is always available and his support is impeccable! I personally have never dealt with anyone better that fully supports the software. There are other vendors out there in which I stumped their tech support many times with no resolutions but not Alan!
The intent of this review I am keeping to one page however I could write a review that would be several pages long!

Should you need to question the validity of this review or you would like to talk to me personally about how the software has helped my firm please give me a call at 657-CAD-FIRE (657-223-3473)

Joseph Montuori (CET)
Nicet Certified & Licensed in the state of CT
CEO of JM CAD Fire Alarm Design
January 2018

Surf Fire & Security

Surf Fire & Security has been using FireSysCAD since December, 2106. Before we purchased FireSysCAD, we tried three similar products. We found that FireSysCAD was the only project that we could customize to our company’s needs. We have the ability to add devices to the program as needed. We do not have to wait for the software manufacturer to release a software update. Being able to customize the software, we are able to add in other projects to the software like Area of Rescue, CCTV and Security. We have the ability to add any product that we may use as a systems integrator.

Prior to purchasing the software, it was taking a designer engineer about eight hours to produce a simple 100 point fire alarm system. Now that we have used FireSysCAD for over a year, our design engineers can produce the same drawing in under three hours - start to finish.

Alan Henderson personally worked with my team for over two days until they had a comprehensive understanding of the software. Even today, if we call with a question, he still takes the time to make sure that we fully understand his explanation.

Purchasing the software was one of the best purchases I have ever made. Before we purchased the software, we had a three to four week backlog. The system has given us the ability to produce a drawing standard that exceeds the customers’ expectations and our backlog is down to three days.

If anyone has any questions about the product, please feel free to give me a call at 732-929-3792.


Guy Fichter
Surf Fire & Security
March 2018

Fire By Design, Inc.

The use of FireSysCAD has been a real “game changer” for our company. We have been able to streamline the design of complex fire alarm systems utilizing many different manufactures to meet the deadlines and timeframes of our customers with accuracy and ease.

This software allows for a single authorized user to enter in data to the database minimizing user error. The automatic line tagging feature, riser building and parts list generation alone are worth cost. There are NO MISTAKES.

We have been using FireSysCAD for 10+ years. We have 6 designers working with the software daily, projects that used to take 2 days now take 1. It saves half the time.

Carl J. Olomon
Fire By Design, Inc.
Northbrook, Illinois
March 2018